Wednesday, May 21, 2014

“Border Work: Surveillant Assemblages, Virtual Fences and Tactical Counter-media."

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quote from the text-

"In another parodic border intervention the artist Marle`ne Ramı´rez-Cancio walked
the TBT into Tijuana, Mexico via a tunnel from the US side of the border.5 The
gesture was done as part of Political Equator 3, and helped to highlight the porosity
of the border evidenced in the hundreds of tunnels that have been found beneath
border cities like Tijuana, Nogales, AZ, and San Diego, CA.6

Other arts groups such as Mark Skwarek and John Craig Freeman of
ManifestAR created the augmented reality work ‘‘Border Memorial: Frontera de
los Muertos’’ which ‘‘uses software to superimpose computer generated 3D graphics
of traditional Mexican skeleton wood-carvings, or calaca, at the precise GPS
coordinates of recorded migrant deaths with an accurate 3d copy of the exact terrain
from the USGS,’’ allowing users to ‘‘remotely visualize the sites where human
remains have been recovered with a smart phone mobile device’’, including a version
that was overlayed into the courtyard of the Museum of Modern Art in New York
City.7 This intervention brings to light the deaths on the border caused by
exclusionary policies and militarization of the border as a total secure zone, using
the hand-held smartphone and 3D-augmented reality of those with access to such
privileged mobile technologies, contrasting the haves and have-nots of network
capital while ‘‘hacking’’ the high-culture zone of the elite art museum."

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