Friday, September 28, 2012

Occupy Novels, Trading Dreams

Announcement of the free eBook giveaway of one of the first Occupy novels, Trading Dreams by author JL Morin. It will be FREE on Amazon from October 10-14. It just got some excellent reviews:

"An ideal read for suspense lovers interested in the current financial
                         ― Booklist

"...exposing enough greed, hypocrisy, and blatant illegality to make even the least informed reader deliciously angry."
                         ― Harvard Independent

...and one coming up from MIT

Book Synopsis:

Finally! A humorous who-done-it that tosses corruption onto the horns of the Wall Street bull. Trading Dreams slams the forces that undermined our stolen economy in a tale that is funny and thrilling. Author J.L. Morin unveils the ironies of Wall Street greed to the baseline of the Occupy movement.
   This suspenseful redemption story depicts the pitfalls of a new-hire at a bank. When her villain CFO sets her up as a scapegoat, Jerry fights back, teetering spectacularly between life as a trading-floor cyborg and as a revolutionary battling Wall Street corruption . . . as if she didn’t have enough to worry about running from a murderer.
   For Jerry, New York in its heyday means hanging with the guys, finding only users, and developing a sex addiction. She surmises, “If I could just be the bitch that he wanted, we could be happy forever as masochist and dominatrix.”   
   The economic crisis descends like a praying mantis devouring its mate at the moment of ecstasy. Not one to push clients into stocks the bank wants to dump, Jerry transforms herself and spreads the word through the human microphone. There’s little prospect of finding another job when Jerry blows the whistle.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Anti- "The Innocence of Islam" Video Petition

The Anti- "The Innocence of Islam" Video Petition 

We, the people of the world of all faiths, and in good conscience, DO NOT approve of the video "The Innocence of Islam," and those who created it. We believe all peoples have an inherent right to practice their faith in peace. We feel that "The Innocence of Islam" is the product of the divisive forces of hatred and ignorance, and does not reflect the opinion of the majority of people in the world, who practice their religious traditions in the spirit of peace, love, and mutual understanding. We apologize, as citizens of an enlightened humanity, for the offense committed by this movie, and extend our hands in peace and understanding. Whether or not the makers apologize, we will.

The names collected will be viewed  as a list of names on this website, in the Middle East and world-wide with the aid of augmented reality [AR]. The AR petition will not be placed near the protests. Instead they will be placed in the "safest" public location possible. 

This project was organized by Mark SkwarekPatrick Lichty, Alan Sondheim, and Wafa Bourkhis. It is a work in progress and we look forward to feedback. The goal of the project is to create a voice for those in the global community who denounce the "Innocence of Islam" Video.  The petition will be viewed online at this website and around the world with augmented reality. We look forward to your feedback.
Send questions/thoughts/ideas here.

 When Gil-Scott Heron wrote that "The revolution will not be televised" he was right. Instead, it will be youtubed, it will be statused, and it will be retweeted. Social networking sites reach more than 82% of the global population: 1.2 billion people. And governments are afraid. Today, a handful of users on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube can launch a movement that can topple a regime. Just look at Tunisia. Just look at Egypt. It can organize the frustration of middle class Americans from the impotent complaints of individuals into a spontaneous, passionate and primal force. A wave doesn't demand concessions, but you have no choice but to acknowledge it when it crashes down on you. We are the 99 percent. And what are the results? New governments, an informed and politically active people, and validation. A little over a year ago, The United Nations declared internet access a basic human right. You are a change agent whether you know it or not. Whether you want to be or not. Everyday you blithely browse your virtual network you participate in an engine of social transformation. Welcome to the Hyper Revolution.