Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple Employee Admits iPhone Fingerprint Scan Information Will Be Shared With The NSA


Apple Employee Admits iPhone Fingerprint Scan Information Will Be Shared With The NSA

After investigation into the website nationalreport.net we have found that they are not a reliable news source.
This story will be removed due to an unreliable source of information. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Since the release of the new iPhone 5S, Apple Inc. has been maintaining their stance that the 5S’s fingerprint scanner will not be shared with law enforcement agencies.
Yet many (including myself) have had real doubts about this right from the get go. For me, it has been the fact that the NSA, CIA, RCMP, etc. have been accessing peoples smart phones for some time already. With the ability to remotely turn on the microphone, camera’s, GPS history, and access any other information on the phone that they see fit. So why would the fingerprint stored on the phone be any different? it wouldn’t be.
nationalreport.net has now reported that:
“Absolutely the databases will be merged. This whole ‘fingerprint scan’ idea originated from someone in our Government. They just didn’t expect to be outed by Snowden, you know.” Said Tim Richardson, District Manager of Apple’s North America Marketing Department. He went onto explain that the NSA and FBI have been compiling a special database for over a year now to use with the new Apple technology. Fingerprints from all over the nation. Cold cases. Fugitives of the law. Missing persons.
The Apple iPhone 5s has back-up power so the device never completely shuts down. Coupled with the phone’s built-in GPS these features will allow police officers to pin-point the criminal so they can be detained quickly and efficiently. Officials expect to apprehend hundreds of suspects within the first months or so of the act.
When asked for a response to individual’s concerns about privacy Mr. Richardson told us:
“Frankly, if a person is foolish enough to allow something as specific and criminally implicit as their fingerprints to be cataloged by faceless corporations and Government officials… Well, you can’t exactly blame us for capitalizing upon it, can you? Personally, I believe this effort will support a greater good. Some of the folks they’re hoping to apprehend are quite dangerous. Besides, it’s not like this is covered in the Constitution.”
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This new revelation makes this comedy commercial made by WeAreChange and Joycamp, sadly very true.

There is only one way to defeat this kind of invasion of privacy. Opt out! Vote with your dollars and do not purchase the phones. Agencies like the NSA can only spy one you with these devices if you allow them too!

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