Tuesday, April 9, 2013

FREE - EASY - AUGMENTED REALITY app tools for Activists - NO Programming

creatAR is the ultimate tool for today's digital activist!
FREE - NO Programing - 
Make a protest ANYWHERE -

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creatAR makes augmented reality incredibly easy and accessible to the general public. For far too long augmented reality creation has only been accessible to people with computer graphic and programing backgrounds. The creatAR app lets users create any content of their choosing at a specific location. It’s viewable with a smartphone or tablet.. The user simply asks for something and it appears in front of them. The user can edit, animate and delete the content from a user friendly interface. creatAR places the user’s request [say a cat] at a geo specific location by triangulating the users position with three or more satellites. The cat can only be seen with smartphone or tablet at the specific location it was created. Other users all share the same world and can also see and edit the cat. Users can delete, scale, rotate, translate, animate and upload their own content anywhere with creatAR. The user’s request searches the creatAR database of 3d and 2d content which is made up of thousands of objects which are created by other users. If the request matches an object in the database it is created at the user’s location. If the user’s request does not find a match in the database the app internet searches the internet and grabs the matching content. The requested object is then created in front of the user at a specific GPS location. The object will remain at this location for all users of the app to see unless it is edited or deleted by a user. One of creatAR’s most powerful functions lets users upload their own images and models anywhere with ease. It’s as easy as attaching a file to an email. Once the file has been uploaded the user can create their content wherever they choose.


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