Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NYT's cites Bank of America in foreclosures!!

NYT's cites Bank of America in foreclosures!!


Ws2ms V2 AT DUSK, MARCH 17

New media artist Mark Skwarek will flood the city of Catskill, New York and then tour the site in... The King's Boat!!!


Thank you to Catskill's generous building owners, merchants, the Village of Catskill, artist and neighbors. Immense thanks to The Hudson Valley's best digital printers, Frank Cuthbert, BRIK Gallery, Richard Edelman for Woodstock Graphics Studio, Chad Kleitsch Rhinecliff Printing Studio, Danette Koke Fine Art, Gilbert Plantinga Photo Graphics. Thanks to the hardworking Catskill Arts Initiative, Jenjoy Roybal and Paul Smart. Endless gratitude to interns, Sarah Brady and Kathleen Menzer. Extra special super duper thanks to curators Geno Rodriguez, Paul McLean, Fawn Potash, Kate Menconeri, Jacqueline Weaver, Imani Brown, Boo Lynn Walsh, Sam Truitt and Arthur Polendo.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The King's Boat @ Wall Street to Main Street

"The King's Boat"!!

New Media artist Mark Skwarek will flood the city of Catskill NY and then tour the site in...
"The King's Boat"!!

This project will take place in Catskill NY on March 17th.

We are in the final push for the opening day of Wall Street to Main Street. We hope you can make it Saturday, March 17 from 2-5 and for the party afterward from 5-8 at Brik Gallery, 473 Main Street. Catskill will come to life with over 50 exhibitors, performances, seminars and workshops planned for this ten week festival through May 31. Please post these links to your Facebook page, send out a notices to your mailing list, contact your alumni association, tell your proud mother, and help us spread the word. A jpeg announcement is attached for your convenience, but feel free to design your own.

Sea WallbuildAR begins work at the US Mexico coast

Sea WallbuildAR begins work at the US Mexico coast. The project is building the freedom wall which will create a protective safety barrier around the entire United States. Project by Mark Skwarek

Bank of America Intervention @ Bank of America Plaza LA!!

"pool hopping" on the island of the bull

Artist Mark Skwarek recently risked arrest to intervene at Bank of America Plaza LA. This was part of LA RePlay by UCLA's Grad Digital Media Gallery.

While prepare for the pool hopping performance Skwarek made an unforeseen discovery....
A giant augmented vortex was postioned exactly over the Bank of America atrium. At great risk Skwarek focused his work on documenting the incredible anomaly. Full documentation can be seen of the project site.

This image was constructed form screen captures taken at the Bank of America Plaza.